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Swimming Pool Deals

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Why Swimming Pool Deals?

We take pride in selling the biggest range of premium quality fibreglass pools direct to our customers at the most affordable prices by eliminating builders.  We DO NOT install pools.  With our pool packages, customers in all major regions of Australia have freedom of choosing local pool installers and yet benefit from our pricing.

What’s in Swimming Pool Package?

Our customers enjoy flexibility of choosing their own equipment or buying complete Swimming Pool Package from us.  It includes:

Pool Shell

Top of the range fibreglass pool shell manufactured in Australia to local standards.

Pool Equipment

Top of the range equipment includes pool pump, filter and chlorinator.

Engineering Drawings

Engineering drawings to help with council approval.                                                             

Customer Support 

Our team is always ready to assist with any questions throughout the process.

Our Products

Plunge Pools

Family Pools

Large Pools

Premium Range

What’s so special about our pools?


Extremely competitive prices without any compromise on quality, materials or workmanship.

Core Strength

The high tensile strength with 7-9mm thickness means they won’t crack with normal ground movement.

100% Fibreglass Resins

With no “fillers” added to the resin for greater tensile strength.

Gelcoat Finish

Smooth and resistant to algae and staining. Kind to skin with no sharp or rough edges.                       


The Biggest Range of pool designs, colors and sizes.                                                 

Salt Water

Fibreglass is completely compatible with salt water.